Prices for design and repair services of studio ArtStudioLeO

When choosing contractors for project work, execution of interior design, construction or repair of an apartment, house or office in Kyiv, a very important point, in addition to comparing prices for these services, is the composition of the work planned to be performed, as well as the package of project documentation and design project . Very often, we are approached by customers with a project of other construction and architectural companies, which in fact cannot be fully called such. These projects comprise only a small part of our architecture section or design project section. And, accordingly, with such an approach to design, it is impossible to draw up a full estimate of the works, and there can be no question of construction without a thorough study of the construction section.

When ordering a working project or interior design of an apartment, house or cottage, you should find out what it will look like and what sections it will consist of to have a complete idea of the final result.

You don't need to compare individual unit prices when looking for a construction crew in Kyiv to repair your apartment in a new building. This is a stupid idea that will not show you an objective picture. It is necessary to compare estimates based on the same input data. Only in this case will you understand the seriousness of the approach and the quality of processing the proposal from this or that company.

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Development of an individual architectural and construction project of a cottage - from 120 UAH / m2


Construction of cottages - from $250 / m2


Development of a design project of an apartment, or house - from UAH 300 / m2

(For an area of more than 200 m2, the price is discussed individually)


Repair works - from UAH 1,300 / m2

The prices for designing cottages, developing the design of an apartment project, and repairing and construction work in Kyiv and other cities are approximate. For a more accurate calculation of the cost of labor, development of project documentation and a detailed assessment of the necessary measures, you need to contact Artstudioleo art studio and repair specialists in any convenient way and get a free consultation.

The Artstudioleo design and repair studio saves customers money, time and nerves by providing up to 30% discounts on purchasing the most expensive materials for building, repairing and decorating premises. Where does this discount come from? We answer. During our work, our company entered into partnerships with many decor studios, furniture factories and stores, textile salons, manufacturers of building and finishing materials, and suppliers of household appliances. And we, as permanent partners and customers, are given all this with a discount of up to 30%, which we provide to our customers. Only well-recommended and time-tested suppliers and brands are participants in this program. The materials and equipment offered by us will be able to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers. We want our customers to remain satisfied and recommend our design and repair studio to their friends and acquaintances. And the money saved on repairs in this way is better spent on your vacation 🙂

We are waiting for you for fruitful cooperation!