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Prices for repair and construction works

There comes a time in everyone’s life when change comes. Someone buys an apartment in a new building or on the secondary market and builds a country house (cottage) or summer house. Someone opens a shop, cafe, salon or office. And in the vast majority of cases, you will need to make repairs in these rooms. And first of all, you will ask – how much this event will cost. And to answer this question, you must decide what kind of repair you need.

Several types of repair differ in the level of complexity, quality, volume and cost of repair work in Kyiv and other cities. Suppose we simplify the classification as much as possible. In that case, the ArtstudioLeO design and repair studio distinguishes the following main categories: cosmetic repair (standard, economy class), turnkey repair (capital, business class with improved redevelopment) and premium class (elite, European repair). You can read more about each type of repair in separate articles. But in most cases, this division is conditional.

Existing rates for interior design services and repair and construction work in Kyiv do not tell much to an ordinary person if he has never dealt with construction. Therefore, by contacting our specialists and, based on their many years of experience, we will select the optimal solution for you.

First of all, we recommend you:

Важное Make high-quality repairs in an apartment or house using ecological and high-quality construction and finishing materials. This will save you from annual improvements and alterations and help keep the renovated room in perfect condition for a long time.

Важное Use the services of professional crews who will do your repairs. The right choice of a neat and high-class construction team can save your nerves and money.

Важное Contact a professional architect-designer who will tell you how to properly arrange the appearance of your premises after renovation works and carefully select the necessary furniture, textiles, finishing materials and decor elements. After that, it will be much easier for you to estimate the cost of repairing an apartment, office or house, as well as the construction materials that will be used

If the calculations are carried out without a project, the cost may deviate by 20-30%. If you have an interior design project, you can calculate the cost of repairs with an accuracy of up to 5%

For a more accurate estimate for repair work, select the type of repair, call us, and we will discuss all the nuances. In addition, if necessary, you can get a free consultation with a visit to the facility.

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*This price does not include the cost of materials

Based on calculations of the cost of repairs in apartments in new buildings completed recently, we can say that the total cost of rehabilitation (using not the most expensive but also not cheap, but quality materials) comes out to an average of 8-10 thousand UAH per square meter. This amount is obtained by adding up the cost of all rough and finishing materials and the number of wages to artisans for all the work performed.


Many calculate the cost of repairs simply by adding the salary of workers to the price of basic materials and furniture for the kitchen. This is an amateurish approach! As experienced specialists who have implemented more than one interior project, we can confidently tell you that in practice, a completely different picture emerges:

30% of the repair cost is rough work.

30% – “little things” that are often not paid attention to at all (sockets, switches, for which only “a couple of thousand” were allocated) because you want them to be beautiful and not the cheapest. As a result, the final bill is frightening.

Also, the repair is your “second job” for the next six months. Every day you have to buy 10 items of materials, each of which requires detailed study—running around shopping trips to the construction site, nerves.

And in the end, you won’t be able to settle for less than our proposed price for apartment renovation. Trust our experience.

Cosmetic repair

  • cleaning the surface of the walls
  • the dismantling of the old covering on the floor
  • cleaning of the ceiling surface
  • floor and wall primer
  • partial putty
  • pasting the walls with wallpaper
  • painting or whitewashing the ceiling
  • laying of linoleum, laminate or carpet
  • installation of plinths
  • replacement of sockets and switches without replacement of wiring
  • connecting lighting devices.

Cosmetic repair does not involve time-consuming, complex work, such as replacing electrical wiring, plumbing or remodeling. Still, even simply by renewing the wall, ceiling and floor coverings, you can radically change the “mood” in the apartment and introduce fresh notes into the interior.

Turnkey repair

  • dismantling of the former decoration, facing materials
  • dismantling of partitions (which do not carry ceilings) according to the design project
  • construction of cells and non-bearing walls, arches, new doorways and niches according to the design project
  • laying or replacing communications
  • leveling the floor
  • waterproofing works in the bathroom
  • alignment of walls and ceiling
  • finishing leveling of wall and ceiling surfaces
  • plumbing installation
  • ceiling decoration
  • laying of floor covering and installation of the plinth
  • wall decoration
  • plinth installation
  • door installation
  • replacement of electrical wiring
  • installation and connection of lighting devices.

Premium repair

  • design project (performed at the initial stage and paid for separately),
  • dismantling of old finishing materials, windows and doors, if necessary
  • dismantling of non-bearing partitions according to the author’s design project
  • construction of cells and non-bearing walls, creation of arches, new doorways and niches by the design project
  • installation of new windows
  • laying or complete replacement of communications, including in the framework of re-planning the locations of lighting devices, sanitary ware, kitchen
  • floor leveling using self-leveling mixtures
  • waterproofing works in the bathroom
  • leveling the surfaces of the walls and ceiling with the help of plaster
  • wall and ceiling putty in several layers
  • finishing putty on the walls and ceiling
  • installation of sanitary ware by the design project
  • ceiling decoration
  • floor covering installation
  • installation of plinths
  • door installation
  • installation and connection of lighting devices
  • dismantling of all walls in the room
  • complete preparation of walls and ceilings for work
  • dismantling of old sanitary ware and structure of new ones, working with sewage system and water supply system
  • complete electrical work
  • manufacture of constructions from plasterboard
  • creation of multi-level ceilings and niches
  • pasting the walls with wallpaper
  • painting works on walls and ceilings
  • laying tiles
  • laying laminate, parquet
  • door installation
  • at the entire stage of the repair, full support, consultations and the author’s supervision of the progress of the interior designer’s work

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