Interior design

Interior design

Дизайн интерьера

Gone are the days when the decoration of the premises was carried out according to a typical model, and the concept of individuality was not given much attention. Nowadays, the interior design includes in-depth study and ergonomics of the entire interior space, including furniture and the use of accessories. After all, a deep understanding of them allows you to make not just a beautiful, stylish, unique interior but also practical and convenient for permanent residence or long-term use.

You should order an interior design service if:


  •  It is essential for you to live comfortably and with the most convenient planning
  •  You don’t have extra time
  •  There are not enough funds for possible processing
  •  There is no desire to delve into the details of future repairs
  •  You don’t know skilled workers and don’t want to look for repair crews


You don’t need an interior designer, and you can do it yourself if:

  •  You have much free time to independently develop a design project or its parts.
  •  You already have an idea of how your interior will look.
  •  You are ready to afford some modifications and experiments that will cause additional unforeseen costs.
  •  Your familiar workers understand you with half a word.
  •  You are sure that no one but you will make your house or apartment genuinely cozy
  •  You have formulated the tasks for the builders so that they can calculate the estimated cost and terms of repair and construction works as accurately as possible, as well as predict all the technical points of their implementation.

Дизайн интерьера


Ordering an interior design project from us means ensuring a trouble-free process of repairing your property. After all, you will receive not just drawings but detailed instructions for repairing your new apartment or house, where all elements and essential points will be prescribed. You will not have to rack your brains and waste time deciding where to buy specific materials, how and when to deliver them, how to install them, what color curtains to choose, and what size the bed is. Your repair will take place in stages on time, look like a 3D photorealistic visualization and not exceed the stipulated budget.

It should also be noted that the services of our ArtStudioLeO design and repair studio are not the cheapest on the market because, as you know, quality service should be paid fairly. Our strategy is based on providing high-quality services. At the same time, we try to reduce terms and costs as much as possible, removing from the list of services those that do not bring real benefit in saving time and money without losing efficiency.

Suppose you want to add comfort and make your house’s tiny kitchen, bathroom, living room or other rooms cozy and practical. In that case, we are ready to design the interior of a country house, cottage, apartment or office with high-quality and on time, without exceeding the budget. as well as any other residential or non-residential premises.

The service “Interior design of apartments Kyiv” includes a complete list of works, such as the development of the interior design itself and the compilation of project documentation, the creation of 3D visualizations of interiors, the selection and manufacture of furniture, the purchase of finishing materials, and the decoration of premises.

The unique interior design of a house in Kyiv, developed and implemented by the ArtStudioLeO design and repair studio, is achieved by the high quality of work, regardless of the level of complexity of the proposed project or the customer’s budget.

Thanks to the acquired experience and high professionalism of all our employees, the final result of our cooperation will undoubtedly satisfy all your wishes and requirements. At the same time, we guarantee to implement a high-quality interior design project for an apartment or country house with the lowest possible budget.

The designers and architects of our design studio have vast experience in creating various interior styles, each of which is original and unique. For this, our employees are constantly following new exciting directions and trends in design, invention and application of new modern materials.

For this service, such as interior design, the price in Kyiv will depend on your stylistic preferences, the selected furniture, the assortment of finishing materials and the complexity of various interior solutions.


Дизайн интерьера


Not every design studio or architectural bureau in Kyiv offers clients a full range of services, starting from architectural design and building design, as well as premises of any type and ending with their implementation in the actual renovation. Our construction company ArtStudioLeO undertakes the execution of exciting orders of any complexity and specificity, whether a small bright apartment in a new building, a chic mansion outside the city, a country house complex, or an office in a business center, a cafe or a restaurant.

By contacting us, you will receive an individual author’s design of an apartment, office or house because we do not repeat our work and do not recommend copying other people’s projects.

ArtStudioLeO provides its design services not only in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine but also in Europe and beyond.

Trusting us in cooperation, you will be sure that:


– we will offer the most reasonable prices for the development of your unique interior design

– this project will be worked on by highly qualified architects and designers, specialists and designers with specialized higher education and extensive practical experience

– we will fulfill the order within the stipulated time and the budget specified in the contract

– the result will meet your requirements and expectations. Thanks to the high quality of 3D visualization, you will see the finished design of the room at the stage of its design

– we always use only high-quality construction and decoration materials, furniture and accessories from proven manufacturers and reliable partners

– your home or apartment interior will be unique.


Дизайн интерьера



1 Stage. Acquaintance

During our first meeting, we will discuss your project’s scope, goals, and budget. We draw up technical specifications (TOR) for the design project and conduct questionnaires. You can send information on the object, which is in the form of architectural drawings, BTI plans, etc. To the mail artstudioleo@gmail.com. As well as examples of exciting projects that you liked in our portfolio or just photos from the Internet. Preferably with detailed comments, what interested you in a particular image, for example, photo 1 – the style of this project is close to you, photo 2 – you liked the color scheme, photo 3 – an attractive, functional solution for the nursery, etc. Conclusion of a contract for the development of an interior design project

2 Stage. Visit the object (2-3 days)

We perform measurement drawings with bindings of existing communications. We serve photo fixation of the object.

3 Stage. Planning decision (1 week)

Based on the sent materials, measurement drawing and TOR, we developed several options for planning the premises and their functional and ergonomic filling. This includes opportunities for placing furniture – a plan for disassembly/assembly work if necessary — GC structures, nodes, etc. After coordinating with the customer and making corrections, we approve the final version. These solutions form the basis of our design project.

4 Stage. Sketch project (2-3 weeks)

Based on the planning and functional solutions approved by you, the materials received from you, technical tasks, and examples of your favorite photos, the designer develops proposals for the stylistics of the premises in the form of collages with an indication of finishing materials, furniture and decor elements. We make the necessary adjustments and edits to these collage options and approve the final choices. Collages form the basis of photorealistic 3D visualization of the premises of our project.

5 Stage. Performing 3D visualization

Photorealistic 3D visualization of the designed premises is performed. At this stage, you will see how your home, office, cafe or other public space will look after implementing our design project. After discussing the proposed 3d pictures, we make adjustments to them and then approve the final options.

6 Stage. Working project (4-6 weeks)

Based on the approved design solutions, a package of drawings and specifications of materials that will be used in the repair is being developed:

  1. Plan after installation/dismantling (if re-planning is necessary) with information on door and window openings
  2. Location plan of the heating system (radiators, underfloor heating)
  3. Floor plan, detailed list of floor coverings
  4. Ceiling plan. Plasterboard knots and their sections
  5. Method of lighting devices with their binding to switches
  6. The layout of sockets and switches
  7. Sweeping along the walls of the bathrooms with a tile layout
  8. Sweeping walls of all other premises
  9. A detailed list of room decorations, etc.

7 Stage. Complete set

Search and selection by our designer of the necessary furniture, lighting equipment, finishing materials, their order, purchase

8 Stage. Author supervision (Author support)

An additional service that enables the customer to receive a ready-made final version of the implemented object under the complete control and support of the project’s author guarantees its exact compliance and professional and high-quality repair work.

9 Final.

At this stage, work on the project’s design has been completed. Based on it, the estimate is calculated, and construction, repair, and finishing works are performed.


You can find out the cost of the interior design project in the section:

Composition and prices of design projects

If you have any questions, don’t put them off until tomorrow, call, and we will answer them in detail and discuss your project.

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