Interior design

Composition and prices of design projects

The design project and 3D visualization provided by the ArtStudioLeO design and repair studio allow the customer to see his future interior much before repair and construction works, ordering materials for decoration, furniture and decor elements. This is achieved due to three-dimensional visualization, which has a photorealistic quality.

Suppose you order the interior design of an apartment, office, private house (cottage) or other premises. In that case, our art studio will design and implement a comfortable, beautiful, functional interior. At the same time, you have selected finishing materials, equipment, textiles and furniture of the highest quality, which will satisfy your needs and financial capabilities.

In other words, the design project is an instruction according to which not only will you be able to see your future apartment or house, but it will also allow the construction team to perform repair work precisely according to the project and all the wishes of the customer. It contains the entire list of drawings, specifications and estimates required for the execution of construction and finishing works and decoration of the premises at the facility.

The cost of interior designer services in Kyiv and other cities depends on many factors. For example, the room’s square footage, the chosen interior style, detailed processing of individual structural elements, layout options and sketches of the room is required.

When choosing one or another service, we pay attention to the prices. If it is very cheap, it is alarming. After chasing the price, we can get a low-quality product and remain dissatisfied and disappointed. Suppose the price is higher than the market average. In that case, it is also bad because it may be unreasonably overpriced, and you are not interested in paying extra money for the design. Therefore, we approach this question from the position of price/quality – good quality for an acceptable price.

A reasonable price for an apartment or cottage project design should be within 2-3% of the total budget (repair, materials, furniture, appliances) that you plan to repair and furnish your home.

As a result, we get the following distribution of the cost of interior design from the total cost of repairs – 3%.

распределение стоимости дизайна интерьера от общих затрат на ремонт


Prices for interior design services and tariff plans can be found in the table below..

Склад проектуПланувальне рішенняпакет miniпакет maxiпакет premium
Виїзд на консультацію та обміри++++
Обмірне креслення з прив'язками++++
План демонтажу/монтажу
Варіанти планувань (до 3 варіантів)++++
План підлоги, розкладка матеріалу+++
План стель+++
Схема освітлення з прив'язками+++
Схема розміщення розеток/вимикачів із зазначенням включення груп світильників+++
Схема теплої підлоги (за наявності)+++
Схема дверних отворів+++
Специфікація дверних/віконних отворів+++
План розміщення сантехнічного обладнання+++
План розміщення кондиціонерів+++
План розміщення кухонного обладнання+++
Розгортка стін із розкладкою матеріалів+++
Специфікація оздоблювальних матеріалів+++
Специфікація електрофурнітури та освітлювальних приладів+++
Специфікація меблів++
Візуалізація інтер'єру у 3D++
Авторський нагляд з виїздом на об'єкт 1 раз на тиждень+
Підбір та розрахунок кухонного обладнання+
Підбір сантехнічного обладнання+
Підбір текстилю+
Необмежену кількість виїздів, консультацій+
Вартість, грн/м2200


The recommended package for UAH is 550 / m2, as it includes all the drawings necessary for builders to carry out work, as well as a photorealistic visualization of the interior, thanks to which it will become clear how your apartment or house will look before the renovation begins.

If necessary – a one-time visit to the customer within the city of Kyiv – UAH 400

The first departure of the designer for acquaintance and consultation – Free of charge!

*A discount will be given for objects over 200 m2!

калькулятор стоимости дизайна интерьера

 After getting acquainted with the tariff plans, you can calculate the cost of developing an interior design project using our calculator.


Interior Design Project Cost Calculator
Select the area of ​​the room, click on the tariff plan that suits you from the drop-down menu and click Calculate:
Room area, m2
Choose one of the tariff plans

рука If you are satisfied with the results of calculating the cost of interior design, call right now at 095-813-06-60 or 097-874-72-33 and order this service. If you have any questions, contact us in any convenient way, and we will always be able to agree!