Repair work

Repair and finishing works

At some point, each of us was probably affected by the delicate topic of any repair, construction or finishing works. Many have faced this seemingly endless hustle and bustle and finding a balance between how to make a “beautiful renovation” and a “not too expensive renovation”.

The first thought that comes to mind is to make repairs in a new building yourself. Moreover, the Internet is full of various tips and video tutorials on the topic of self-repair in an apartment or how to make repairs in a house yourself. It seems that construction companies and repair crews significantly inflate the prices for repairs, but if you do all the finishing work yourself, it will save a lot of money and not lose a drop in quality.

This is where the main mistake lies. Experience cannot be replaced even by the best lessons and educational articles. And the correction of all problems and errors that may occur after or during repairs performed by an inexperienced person will be at your expense, not at the cost of a screen expert. And recycling is always more difficult and, therefore, much more expensive.

Ремонтно-отделочные работы


This is a simple, at first glance, repair task, even if it saves you some money, but it will require you to:

– Perceptible and disproportionate expenditure of time. If a qualified team in Kyiv will make repairs in a couple of months, then for an ordinary person who is busy with the main job all day, it may take six months or more and forget about the weekend.

– Deep knowledge of all construction technologies and standards. After all, it is impossible to learn decorating quickly, plumbing, and plasterboard work and quickly learn how to perform high-quality painting or plastering work. You sometimes meet multi-purpose artisans on the construction site, but they have learned this based on many years of experience.

– Ability to work with hands and possibly knowledge of reading drawings. Almost everyone can drive a nail, fix an outlet or screw in a light bulb. But to complete the repair of an apartment in a new building, household skills are not enough; professional skills are needed. In addition, many types of work cannot be done alone, and an assistant is required.

– Experience in designing and compiling various technical documentation. Any redevelopment, installation of partitions in the apartment, and dismantling of walls require obtaining permits in multiple instances and approvals with the developer and cannot be done without a project.

If you are satisfied with a repair of low quality performed by yourself, then we will not refuse you. But if you make balanced decisions and know how to be critical of your work, knowledge and skills, then entrust the repair of an apartment or house in Kyiv to those who have been engaged in such work for many years.


Ремонтно-отделочные работы


In such a fundamental matter, such as repairing a house or repairing an apartment, you cannot hope for chance and entrust the execution of repair and finishing works to a “master of all trades” or, even worse, simply the first-best construction crew just because they have low prices. First, cheap does not always mean cheaper (although it sounds strange). Here the reason is simple, but many people fall into such a trap: you can be lured by a low price for materials and work and a low total amount of the repair estimate, but during the execution of the work, some or other “additional unforeseen costs” will constantly pop up that were not taken into account at first or were especially “forgotten”. In the end, this can lead to a significant increase in the price of your repair. Secondly, there are no genuinely high-quality all-rounders. Everyone is obliged to be a master of his craft, to know the slightest nuances and subtleties of repair work in the apartment, and to constantly monitor the modern range of materials and changing technologies in his area. As a result, the mistake of such masters will cost you dearly, and this price will be significantly higher than what you planned to save at the beginning.

But even inflated prices for construction or repair and finishing works do not guarantee high quality, that the invited team will start the work on time, and most importantly – finish it on time, and after it will not have to redo anything.

As for the repair of the house, here you need to be more careful when choosing a team. This is due to increased complexity and a fantastic range of repair and finishing works. Here it is essential to consider the location of centralized communications, the ventilation system and all electrical wiring (and not just its distribution to points). Very often, houses are equipped with systems of autonomous heating, water purification and ventilation, and sewerage, which require separate calculations and qualifications in installation. Poorly designed communications can cause a lot of problems or a constant feeling of discomfort.

In contrast to the repair of apartments, when repairing a house, exterior and facade work will also be needed. This is the arrangement of a terrace, barbecue area, swimming pool construction, gazebo or summer kitchen. The design of the facades of the building should also correspond to the interior space of the building. This will make it possible to maintain the unified style of the project and achieve harmony in it.

Therefore, when building, re-planning or repairing a house from scratch and choosing a professional construction team, it will be correct to connect an excellent designer to supervise the work. In this case, you will be able to take into account all the consequences of planning decisions at the stage of erecting walls and partitions, avoiding additional costs for their dismantling or installation. And your plumbing, electrical wiring, ventilation and heating systems will be located in the necessary places and in full accordance with the functions assigned to them without creating any discomfort and inconvenience.


Major renovation of an apartment or house is always associated with dust, noise, scattered tools and a crowd of workers. However, over the years of its impeccable work in Kyiv and other cities, the ArtStudioLeO company has proven to its customers that decorating and repairing an apartment is a pleasant effort to update your home and your life. Call 095-813-06-60 or 097-874-72-33, and we will give you qualified advice and answer all the questions.

Our construction teams in Kyiv will provide you with high-quality services for the repair of premises of any type. They will apply their rich experience and skills to repair apartments and houses and repair non-residential and public beliefs that are both high-quality, durable, and aesthetically attractive.


Ремонтно-отделочные работы


In our construction company, you can order the repair of a house or apartment according to your needs. We perform finishing works of any volume and any level of complexity:

– from finishing a bright apartment or a studio apartment in a small family to multi-room apartments or country houses;

– from inexpensive cosmetic repairs to capital design repairs with redevelopment;

– we undertake the repair of apartments both in old Khrushchev buildings and in elite new buildings or new cottage villages.

Our main types of services:

  • Rough and final finishing of apartments in Kyiv and the suburbs
  • Exclusive designer renovation of turnkey flats and houses in Kyiv
  • Elite repair of country houses and cottages in Kyiv and the region
  • We can repair an office or other commercial premises.


Our construction department has extensive experience in European renovation and decorating private apartments, country cottages, cafes, shops, beauty salons and banks, and repairing office premises in Kyiv. With a professional design project in hand, we can easily calculate an estimate to make a design repair of an apartment of any complexity.


Ремонтно-отделочные работы


7 simple repair steps:

  1. We will find out your wishes and the scope of repair works. If necessary, we develop an interior design project (which, in the end, can significantly save you money and speed up the finishing works). We conclude a contract for the performance of work, in which the cost of the work is fixed, as well as the deadline for the completion of the repair (provided you have uninterrupted financing from your side).
  2. We approve the necessary re-planning, electrical wiring
  3. We coordinate heating, air conditioning, ventilation, water supply and sewerage systems, underfloor heating systems
  4. According to your requirements and wishes, or based on a design project, we prepare an estimate for repair, construction and finishing works, optimizing your costs.
  5. We do repair work under the author’s supervision of an interior designer/architect. Full payment is made only for the materials used. Advance payment for completed work is not taken. Payment is made at the closing of the acts of completed work in stages.
  6. We equip the object with the necessary furniture and household appliances without the involvement of intermediaries.
  7. After the cleaning service, your house/apartment repair is ready; you can move in. We rent apartments and houses from scratch and turnkey.


Ремонтно-отделочные работы

The main advantages of working with us

Quality. The guarantee of our quality is the long-term experience of our employees in implementing various projects in complexity and types of work. We employ only proven people. We select only the best for our team. We work only with the best suppliers, from whom we purchase proven and high-quality construction and finishing cleaning materials that do not disrupt the delivery dates. Therefore, we can afford to give a guarantee for the work performed.

Professionalism. Each type of repair, construction and decoration work in an apartment or house is carried out only by highly qualified specialists. A team of electricians does electrical wiring and plumbing works – a couple of plumbers, roughing and finishing work – masters of their craft. All finishing, electrical and plumbing works in Kyiv are fully compliant with technical standards.

Reputation. We value our excellent reputation. The customer’s positive opinion and joy and satisfaction from a cooperation with us are critical. We do not try to do it quickly and a lot. We do it speedily but qualitatively within the deadlines under our designer and supervisors’ sensitive author’s supervision. We always meet the deadlines for repair work and do not allow unjustified downtime. We do not promise to do everything in a “week”, as we only adhere to regulatory deadlines, meeting all technological requirements and processes. After all, non-compliance with technical norms causes negative consequences for the quality of repair and, accordingly, for the customer’s wallet.

Reliability. Our goal is to help you with the high-quality repair of an apartment, house or any other premises while doing everything right the first time and not spending extra money. After all, during our work, we became partners with large suppliers of rough and finishing materials, furniture, household appliances, and decor elements and received pleasant discounts from them (from 5 to 30%), which we are happy to share with you. We will help you find the optimal and correct solutions, give sound advice and provide qualified comprehensive consultatio


Design and repair studio ArtStudioLeO performing repair work in Kyiv and other regions is guided by the principle of decency, responsibility and quality of services provided.


If you have decided to order the repair of an apartment in Kyiv, a house in the suburbs or any other premises and you still have questions, call

095-813-06-60 or 097-874-72-33, and we will be happy to answer them!