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ArtStudioLeO interior design and renovation studio provide versatile services.


The ArtStudioLeO company performs the design and construction of cottages, and turnkey houses in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine, the development of the interior design of apartments, construction and repair and finishing works, and internal fitting and decoration of premises.

You can order the interior design of an apartment, house or office from us. If you want a wonderful and unique design, our specialists will help you with this. The cost of interior design in Kyiv will pleasantly surprise you. And in return, you will receive an exclusive, individual design in which you will feel comfortable and convenient.

The next stage after developing the interior design (Kyiv) is its implementation. Our design studio performs repair work of any complexity. Our team will be able to repair an apartment in Kyiv at the highest level so that you will be satisfied. And our prices for repairing a house, apartment or office are competitive with other construction teams and companies in Ukraine. We guarantee high-quality finishing work execution in accordance with the stipulated terms.


If you have decided to build yourself a country house, a cottage or a country house, then you can order an individual house project from us, considering all your wishes. You don't need to look for different companies, we in the complex will offer the best architectural solutions for the planning and appearance (facade) of your future house. We will develop the interior design and be able to exalt its adjacent territory by performing landscape design. We can build a house from concrete, wood, cinder block, and brick. It is not a problem for us to make an eco-house, the so-called smart home, or recently famous dome houses.





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During our company's activity, we established good partnerships with the largest manufacturers and suppliers of construction and finishing materials, which makes it possible to buy them at an affordable price or with a significant discount, which significantly saves your money and time.

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