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Design and repair studio Artstudioleo

The team is essential in our arduous task of creating any unique design and an architectural product. People who can professionally, responsibly, creatively and creatively solve the jobs set before them, taking into account the nuances of the project and the wishes of the customer.

Having worked in the market of these services for many years, the ArtStudioLeO design and repair studio managed to assemble just such a team. In which everyone does their own thing and is responsible for the result. The staff of our company is constantly progressing, raising their qualifications at all thematic seminars, training and courses. He regularly attends exhibitions and forums on architecture, design and construction. Therefore, you can order interior design, repair and construction of almost any project from us. From a small studio apartment to a large country house, cafe, shop or office space.

ArtStudioLeO interior design and renovation began as a family art studio of Olga Lekova, founded in 2009. But over time, it was necessary to expand the staff. Specialists from various specialized areas were invited. Construction, design and art education allow the manager to take a direct part in the implementation of projects and navigate repair and construction works, the nuances of interior decoration, including painting walls, creating stained glass windows, and decorating pictures.

The union of our creative and professional personalities aims to create coziness and comfort in your homes, apartments and offices. We respect tradition, but at the same time, we are not afraid of change. We are determined to understand the needs and desires of our customers.

ArtstudioLeO is a company perfectly balanced with designers, decorators, project managers, contractors and suppliers to manage projects from inspiration to implementation. We are ready to perform interior design, repair, and construction work in Kyiv, other cities in Ukraine, and abroad.

It is an honor to work on our clients’ interiors and exteriors, which truly reflect their tastes and lives.

We look forward to welcoming you to our design and repair studio of Olga Lekova ArtStudioLeO for fruitful and creative cooperation!

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